Extending the XML Encoding Challenge into a Digital Prototype

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As Mike and I worked through the encoding challenge we took very detailed notes. We wanted to carefully keep track of what we were doing, in particular  the tags we were choosing and why, the decisions we were making and the moments of discussion and confusion that we encountered. We wanted to comprehensively document our entire process so that we had good material to work from when it came time to write the report. We were worried that we may not have enough to fill 6-7 pages.

Boy, were we wrong.

As we were describing just a handful of the first few decisions we made we found found ourselves with over four pages of text. At this pace, we realized we would never be able to get all of it in. Much like the coding exercise itself, the final report showed us that we always have to leave something (or a lot of things) out.

One of the things we couldn’t address for this assignment was our interest in interface and how our imagined interface had a large impact on the decisions we made as we iteratively moved through our various coding stages. We would always check back to see if the choices we made would allow us to eventually create that online interface. We both wish we could have explored this further.

Given both of our interest in pushing our encoding challenge project further, Mike and I are thinking of collaborating on or our final assignment into produce an online version of two facing Dictionary pages. For our encoding challenge we marked up a single dictionary entry, and all of its revisions and annotations. For the final we’d like to test our tagging structure to see if we can use it across all the entries on a single page. Then we’d like to build the interface that we imagined as we were first working, and write up another report detailing the whole process.

I think this could be a both interesting and hard to achieve, but ultimately a worthwhile experiment.

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