TEI and The Mark Twain Project

An interesting example of TEI in action is the Mark Twain Project. The stated purpose of this project is to “…produce a digital critical edition, fully annotated, of everything mark twain wrote.” To this end the Project houses a range of digitized materials including: every letter Twain has known to have written, letters written to him […]

Thinking About Interface Design

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For our prototyping project project Mike and I are working together to extend the work we started in our encoding challeng. Our source material for the encoding challenge was the unpublished revisions that Samuel Johnson made to his 1755 edition of A Dictionary of The English Language. For the encoding challenged we worked to develop XML code […]

Digital Preservation and the Rehearsing of the Form/Content Divide

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As I was thinking about this week’s blogging question I cam across the International Research on Permanent Authentic Records in Electronic Systems (InterPARES) project. This projects’ mandate is to developing  knowledge around how to digitally preserver records for the long-term, and provide input into standards, policies and strategies for digital preservation. I was looking at the InterPARES Creator […]

Extending the XML Encoding Challenge into a Digital Prototype

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As Mike and I worked through the encoding challenge we took very detailed notes. We wanted to carefully keep track of what we were doing, in particular  the tags we were choosing and why, the decisions we were making and the moments of discussion and confusion that we encountered. We wanted to comprehensively document our […]

Johnson’s Unpublished Dictionary Revisions

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For our XML encoding challenge project Mike and I decided to digitize a entry from Samuel Johnson’s unpublished edits to the “B” section of his dictionary. We found this material in a secondary source published by Johnson scholar Allan Reddick.  In this secondary source,  Reddick transcribed the handwritten edits and provided additional information to help clarify […]