Every year my colleague Rochelle Mazar and I make a Blackboard orientation video for incoming students. ¬†Given that 95% of University of Toronto Mississauga undergraduate courses are in Blackboard, we know there’s a very good chance that every first year student will have some contact with the system and that they’ll need some basic information about how to login and how to find their course materials. We try to make videos that are fun and approachable, and that make the technology also seem fun and approachable.

To amp up the approachability factor we decided to try and incorporate as many low-tech features as possible, including: a chalk board and giant post-it notes. We also thought it would be fun to play with stop-motion to create a fun and frenetic sense of movement. We capped off the video by using a simple and playful multi-vocal voiceover track, accented by a fun electronic soundtrack we found on archive.org.

Technical Work: For this video I set up the a camera to record in stop motion, directed the pace of our movements so that our recorded movement would appear at the correct speed and I recorded the voiceover. I then used Premiere to add the voice over and soundtrack to the video. I finished the project by creating a closed caption track using CapScribe and uploading to YouTube.

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