From September 2012 to May 2013 I was a research assistant for a University of Toronto, Faculty of Information research project called IXmaps (principle investigator: Andrew Clement). IXmaps is an internet mapping tool that shows how your personal data travels across the internet. The IXmaps project attempts to document and make visible exactly how data from your computer is routed across the internet,  and indicate some of the privacy risks involved in such routing practices.

The IXmaps project relies on volunteers using the TRgen tool and exploring the database. To help users understand how use the site and participate in the project I created this quick how-to video. The goal of the project was to show users, in under three minutes, all the ways they can search the database and how to understand the search results.

Technical Work: Developed script and recorded screen cast using Camtasia 2. Created closed captioning track using Capscribe and uploaded both to YouTube.

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