Moogfest is a four-day event that is part conference and part music festival. During the day, the festival runs the “Future Thought” side of the program, which features demonstrations, workshops and talks from music and technology leaders. At night, the program features “Future Sound” a series of live music performances from pioneers in electronic music, alongside pop and avant-garde experimentalists.

I was invited to participate in the “Future Thought” side of the program to lead a workshop on wearable technology titled “Electric Threads: Getting Started with Wearables.” In keeping with the Moogfest’s theme, I designed a wearable synthesizer project that used a simple 555 timer to produce a signal and sound, a potentiometer to adjust the frequency, and a switch at the fingers to turn the device on and off. The workshop was geared towards beginners and used the wearable synth project to introduce participants to eTextiles and sewn circuits and provided hands-on experience working conductive thread and electronic components.






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