Following the success of our stop-motion Blackboard student orientation video, my colleage Rochelle Mazar and I had the idea to create a stop-motion video tour of the library. We though that this would be a fast and fun way to show off all of the Hazel McCallion Academic Learning Centre‘s learning spaces. We rigged up our video camera on a table with wheels and spent an afternoon travelling through the building. We captured all four levels of the building and highlighted all of the different learning zones. As you can see from the video, this building has a lot to offer!

We got a a ton of positive feedback for this project, including supportive comments from our Chief Librarian, the Director of UTM Advancement and the Vice-President and Principle, UTM. It was really exciting to see a small video project have such a large impact.

Technical Work: I set-up the camera to record stop-motion at the correct speed and directed our movements so that the final product would render correctly and created all the digital titles and motion graphics.  My colleague Adam Craig created the soundtrack. I then used Premiere to pull the soundtrack, motion graphics and videos together into the final product.

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